Red Deer Post-construction Cleaning

Construction can cause quite a mess due to the dust and debris left behind after the construction workers leave. In most cases, the building will need a post-construction cleaning to get it back to looking and smelling like new. A post-construction clean is a top to bottom cleaning of your building. The cleaners start from the roof and high windows and work their way down while removing and cleaning all dust and debris. The end result is a perfectly clean building that will be ready for operations.

Image of a cleaning lady in Red Deer Alberta working for Dencon
Image of a cleaning lady working for Dencon helping to clean a facility in Red Deer, Alberta

How do we get Dencon Cleaning Services to do our post-construction cleaning?

What is the process to get Dencon Cleaning Services to do your post-construction cleaning?

  • Call or fill out our contact form
  • Meet with a Dencon manager to view the building
  • Receive and approve our pricing
  • Have your building deep cleaned

Post-construction cleaning is billed by the hour. We do not provide flat rates.

Image of a cleaning lady from Dencon vacuuming an office

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