Red Deer Janitorial Services

Lots of products, supplies, and equipment can be needed to maintain large commercial buildings and box stores. Not to mention the professionally trained staff needed to operate the equipment, and perform the heavy-duty janitorial tasks required to maintain a large building year-round. This is where Dencon Cleaning Services can help you like we do many other large buildings just like yours. Schedule your janitorial services with a cleaning company that has a deep understanding of the industry and works daily towards providing a 5-star experience to each customer.

Image of a cleaning lady in Red Deer Alberta working for Dencon
Image of a cleaning lady working for Dencon helping to clean a facility in Red Deer, Alberta

We help large commercial buildings and box stores with janitorial services so they can open their doors each day with confidence.

What can we do for you?

  • Create a cleaning routine specific to your needs and budget
  • Dispatch professionally trained cleaners to clean your building
  • Operate auto scrubbers, floor buffers, and various other floor machines
  • Maintain and service floor machines
  • Conduct quality control as needed
  • Security door checks before and after leaving your building
  • Provide reports of unlocked doors and unusual activity
  • Quarterly cleaning updates sent by email

How can we get Dencon Cleaning Services to clean our commercial building?

  • Call or fill out our contact form
  • Meet with a Dencon manager to view the scope of work
  • Receive and approve our pricing
  • Start your new cleaning service

Large commercial buildings and box stores choose us to provide their buildings with janitorial services because of the value we provide each of our customers. Speak to our long-term references for more information on our company and how we can help you with your janitorial requests.

Image of a cleaning lady from Dencon vacuuming an office

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